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2024 Season

Refund Policy


 What if the season starts and we have to stop because of another shut down due to Covid-19?

  • We will pro-rate refunds on the basis of the amount of season we were able to play.

 What if I registered and then decided not to play?

  • If payment has been collected and the season has NOT started we have a refund process whereby a refund is issued less $25.00 for administration fees.

 What if I start the season and then decide not to play?

  • If the season has started and you decide not to play or decide not to continue playing, there will be no refund.

U7 Learn To Play

Born in 2016/2017/2018



U9 Learn To Play

Born in 2014/2015



U11 and up



Born 2012 and up

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