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  • What type of equipment do you need?
    Batting helmets with face cages are mandatory as well as face guards for any pitchers - and they are highly recommended for all players. Cleats, a ball glove and ball pants. You can also purchase batting gloves. We do have team bats , or you can purchase your own.
  • Do you need any experience to join?
    No experience is needed! Our house teams have kids from all experience ranges and we focus on learning fundamentals and having fun.
  • Can I make a request for a certain team?
    We do our best to keep friends together, although it is not always possible. This year will look a little different.
  • How do I volunteer?
    We do have new rules in place in order to follow the most recent COVID protocols, if you would like to volunteer please send us an email as we do rely on help!
  • When does the season start and end?
    Typically our house teams start in mid April and ends in June. We will be posting new information as it becomes available on our return to play guidelines

General info for pitching distances / softball sizes ect

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